Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Apex Finance & Marketing Launches Loan Advisory Portal in Mumbai

Apex Finance & Marketing founded by Subhrajeet Talukdar in Mumbai in April 2006 has launched a premier loan advisory portal for Personal Loans, Business Loans, Home Loans, Loan against Property, Auto Loan, Secured loan. Unsecured loan. offers the best loan deals, is managed by well trained professionals and is associated with various leading banks to provide fast and easy hassle free loans. has already gained acceptance and popularity amongst applicants for the above products in a very short time span through peer reviews and word of mouth publicity. The vision of Eazeeloans is to provide the best offer in relation to services such as documentation, rate of interest and loan quantum in a personalized manner tailor made for each customer all available under one roof. aims to be the ultimate destination for every kind of Consumer finance solution. With support of Finance Partners and efficient service provides speedy loans. A team of dedicated and trained staff takes care of all the documentation and other formalities. provides one window and tailor-made solutions for your unique loan requirements & needs. Many new features and applications currently under development will soon be added to give visitors a more complete and fulfilling experience.

Further details on product features, eligibility, documentation
'process, rate of interest, loan Tenure, Income criterias, Loan process charges faqs , Privacy Policy, and registration page for Bank's/DSA's available on site.

For Personal Loans, Business loans, Home Loans, Loan against Property, Auto Loan, Mortgage loan, Secured loan, Unsecured loan apply on

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